Negative Ion Extraction

nIGUN is the first program for negative hydrogen ion sources, which is based on a self-consistent theory of the plasma sheath in negative hydrogen and deuterium plasma ion sources (--> Download "H-_Extraction.pdf). It can take into account the space charge effects of electrons, negative hydrogen ions and up to 10 kinds of positive ions, like fast protons, thermal cesium ions and different kinds of molecular ions, which are essential ingredients of H- ion sources.

New Window versions available

All programs now will run under the latest WINDOWS versions. EGN2, the PC version of the famous EGUN program always has been running under all OS. By patches, which were supplied by Microsoft in response to the worm "sasser", older programs could no longer operate. Now we have made console versions for POLYGON, ANALYSE, and INTMAG. IGUN and nIGUN became real WINDOWS applications with interactive coloured graphics.

Electron Beams and Electron Optics

EGN2 is the most reliable and most established electron gun and trajectory optics program around the world. Guns and matching optics for TWTs, Gyrotrons, Accelerators, and many other applications have been successfully designed and optimized with it. All major laboratories are using it since decades and it has seen a continuous improvement year by year. We now have a graphical editor for the input files as well as a compose program for graphical output files.

Static magnetic fields

EGUN and IGUN can include external static magnetic fields for the calculation of trajectories. INTMAG calculates static magnetic fields by integration and provides high precision data without the need of “maxwellization” by COILFIT as other available programs. A very user friendly interface is provided for the transfer of INTMAG results to EGN2W and IGUN input files. IGUN then even can plot the magnetic elements together with the electrostatic ones, eliminating possible errors.

Ion guns and trajectory optics

IGUN, is a child of EGUN and its counterpart for ion extraction from plasmas. IGUN features interactive coloured graphics and has become a world standard for the simulation of ion extraction from all kind of ion sources and their matching to RFQ accelerators.

The new version shows "live" graphics under all WINDOWS operating systems (including W-XP)